Future of finance

Welcome to ’Future of,’ a report that explores what will—and more importantly what should—come next in must-watch categories.


The transition from the now to the next is taking place every day. The businesses that play a role in shaping the future will be the ones to secure their place in it.

The pandemic has put money matters center stage, forcing finance to take a louder and leading role in every industry and every household. So as we look to what’s next, we’re reimagining finance not as a standalone category—but as the foundation for economic, social, and personal progress. The finance industry is evolving, and fast, with broader cultural shifts driving the transformation:

  • Money is becoming less tied to gender and life stage as modern realities upend tradition.
  • A culture of taboo toppling is creating a new openness around money.
  • Environmental, economic, and political turmoil is forcing a reevaluation of priorities.
  • Virtual advancements are transforming financial habits for better or worse.

As a brewing consumer rebellion overthrows the old approach, finance will be forced to ditch its drab, greedy, male-dominated roots. And the pressure to innovate is greater than ever as outside industries bring fresh competition. Headspace’s Mindful Money feature is tackling the intersection between money and mental health. Square officially launched its own banking operations in March. Tech giants Amazon and Facebook are racing to develop their own digital currencies. Walmart recently announced plans to create a fintech startup with Ribbit Capital. And even Reddit communities are forcing change on Wall Street.

These new threats will force existing finance players to rethink everything from investment portfolios to insurance models. Even data is set to disrupt the industry as consumers become increasingly empowered to monetise and protect their personal information.The opportunities to create meaningful change have never been more widespread or urgent. It’s time for afresh start.




If you choose to read the FULL report, these are some things we explore:

  • Death doulas might join forces with financial planners
  • Financial therapy could boost brick-and-mortar foot traffic
  • Ethical wealth will redesign rewards programs
  • Haptics can help prevent overspending

Life outside the lines
Modern realities are unlocking new entry points and innovation opportunities for finance. Explore emerging demand for femfinance, survivalist savings, and death planning.

Breaking the money taboo
Transparency and candor will define a new era of finance. Looking forward, finance-tainment, financial therapy, and wellness solutions will help us forge a healthier relationship with money.

Rich, redefined
More ethical measures of financial success are disrupting the system. As money and values become increasingly interlinked, we’ll see the rise of Islamic finance, ethical ROI, and built-in givebacks.

Bringing back reality
Constant digital developments are complicating the world of finance. Future-focused brands can solve tomorrow’s problems with reality checks, virtual vaults, and phygital advisors.



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